Monday, May 10, 2010


OK. It's been awhile since I last blogged. I'll admit I'm not much of a blogger yet, but I was really trying. Life gets crazy, but I'm back! (At least this week.) One of the things I advocate in my book, "Centsible Meals", is no snacking. We all know it's not necessary; that's not rocket science. But stopping is a whole other issue. I'm looking for readers to post ideas about quitting. What helps you stop? How do you sit at home all day next to the fridge and stay away? Personally, I find summer vacation redeeming for me. The kids come home and I have absolutely no time to myself to sneak snacks. Plus, I seem to use more calories in the summer when all seven kids are home ALL DAY. However, that doesn't always help me during the school year. Please share what helps you!


  1. I keep a bottle of water with me. I try to drink away my snack cravings. I'm not very successful a lot of the time but I keep trying.

    Good to see you back on the blog!!

  2. I just try and stay busy enough throughout the day, and I try avoid spending much time in the kitchen throughout the day. This seems to work most of the time. I tend to snack more when I'm at work, because I see others eating. The worst time for snacking for me is in the evening after dinner. I'm definitely not hungry, but I always feel that I need something sweet after dinner. I haven't quite figured out how to avoid snacking at that time of night, except to stay out of the kitchen all together.

  3. We both admit that stress and nervous energy sometimes drive us to needing something to snack on. A Brite Bite (healthy snack) is at least better than a sweet or salty (junk food) snack. We have a friend who only allows himself to snack on apples. He figures if he's not hungry enough to eat an apple, then he isn't hungry enough to need anything. And after awhile apples lose their appeal, so that helps him cut down on snacking.