Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkeys are 29 cents a pound at Safeway! I haven't seen a better (or even close) price elsewhere.

Also, I really liked this study on the Secrets of Low-Stress Families. Check it out at http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/seven-secrets-of-low-stress-families

  Officially, cooking from scratch is a secret of low-stress families! Actually I believe it. Families that use pre-packaged foods spend just as much time in meal preparation as families that cook from scratch. That's been proven before in other studies. So if you're not saving time, isn't peeling carrots more relaxing than reading instructions and scheduling the microwave? Of course. What I don't know is - does cooking from scratch make us a low-stress family? Hmm....


  1. Lorae, I love your blog. I think you should write a little about how to motivate yourself to make food. Some people struggle a lot just getting themselves in the kitchen to make something. :)

  2. Love the blog- your book gets passed around our ward! As far as low stress, I think so because cooking from scratch is cheaper which means I don't have to work a part time job to pay for the prepackaged food or clip tons of coupons!
    Spending an extra 10-20 minutes a day to think through my menus and peel things with my baby on my hip is much more relaxing then working 15 hours a week some where else!