Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank You, Couponer!

I'm not a "Couponer." Besides not having the time or eating the foods most couponers buy, I have a whole soapbox about it. That aside, I have to say Thank You to some secret couponer benefactress.

Last week I went to the Rosauer's sale. (Who can pass up milk for $1.79/gallon?) I got my quota of milk and was walking past the cereal - which was also ALL on sale for $1.79/box. We don't eat a lot of cold cereal, so I don't spend hundreds of dollars on this sale. However, as I walked past, I noticed coupons sticking out of the shelf - a whole stack. I noticed several stacks of coupons sticking out along the whole cereal aisle. I looked more closely and could see that some devoted and benevolent couponer must have spent hours cutting coupons and then stuffed them into the shelves for other sale shoppers. Score! The bottom line is, I got 5 boxes of cereal at $1.79 each, plus two more dollars off ($6.95 total), thanks to a great coupon.

So, I DO use coupons - when they are convenient, are for something I use, and don't cost me time. Thank you, thank you to the anonymous couponer!

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