Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Baking is Coming!

Had a great Thanksgiving with my sister, her husband and eight kids. Fifteen kids and four adults all under the same roof for a few days - and we all had loads of fun! Now we are officially in the thick of the
Christmas rush. Seems like everyone tries to get their "event" in the first two weeks of December to "avoid the crazyness of the last two weeks." My calendar is chock full this week and we have nothing happening the week before Christmas. Maybe it will stay that way and we can enjoy baking and relaxing that week. :) There were so many good grocery deals before Thanksgiving, that I've been laying low for the last little while. Next week I'll go on the actual "Christmas Baking Shopping Trip" and try to get everything so we can be indoors and enjoy the zero degree weather we've been having.

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